Welcome to My Scene

"My Scene" is sharing a finished painting or my 3 step process to a finished painting using photographs or sketches. Asking, how can I make this scene or subject mine from refrences that hold my attention longer than 5 minutes. Some photographs are just....photographs not paintable interesting subjects. So let's began and hope you enjoy your painting experience........JoBeth

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fun Figures

Had a fun day...no pressure.....going through photographs chosing figures that appealed to me or provided a challenge started the ball rolling.  These are painted on Kilamengro paper, 11x15, a quarter sheet of watercolor paper.  The subject and figures were drawn with a brush...this gives me freedom to think related shapes and eliminate detail.  Hard and soft edges keeps the eye moving from one value to another.   Simplification of the story was major because the  figures are the most important.  I didn't realize how many selections there were to chose from until I started looking through all my stacks of photos.  Hope you enjoy stepping into the scenes as though you were there.....there is enough mystery for you to imagine your own story......keep painting..JoBeth

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lamesa Figure Class

Glad to know someone reads my blog....this is Brenda Thompson's  painting of an entertainer friend.  The photo was taken at night with bright lights producing lost edges...she did a great job painting the values needed to express the singer....

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lamesa Figure Class

Is anyone reading this like me.....take a camera or Ipad....and forget to take the photos of your journey.  Well this is the second time I have failed to use the resources available.  Those attending came to paint and at the end of the day produced some great figures.  If those taking the class would send a photo or photos, some did more than one, I will post them. 

I draw figures using the same techniques as other subjects. Starting with a proportional lose drawing with little detail is my approach to any subject including figures.  When I am satisfied with the placement of the figure and the proportions I began with light value washes of warm and cool colors....painting around the figure here and there but also using this wash over the figure.  Cutting across the figure anchors it to the background and splatters in the foreground are much more interesting than cuffed pants and shoes..  When the wash is dry the figure gets attention with color and any detail it needs to come alive.  Waiting for the colors to dry I began with background and foreground....letting the previous wash suggest the setting.  Dark dry brush marks finish the painting....lot of fun and for me a challenge...