Welcome to My Scene

"My Scene" is sharing a finished painting or my 3 step process to a finished painting using photographs or sketches. Asking, how can I make this scene or subject mine from refrences that hold my attention longer than 5 minutes. Some photographs are just....photographs not paintable interesting subjects. So let's began and hope you enjoy your painting experience........JoBeth

Friday, May 20, 2011

the "what Challenge"

St. Francis Hotel, in Santa Fe, NM, has a lot of potential for paintings. This photo is a balcony with great color and shapes. Great sign....right in the middle, is it necessary....if so where do I need to move it. This is one of those photos that lends itself to two paintings....love those because of the options. Color is always up for grabs....local or a different palette? If you chose to paint this let me know how it turns out or if you have questions....

"the what challenge"
...this is for those of you with the urge and time to paint but don't know what..or....how. This challenge is to get you started...I created it for a watercolor newsletter which several enjoyed so will continue on this blog. Periodically I will post a subject for you to paint or use something similar with your stash of references. Instruction will be given in regard to color use, technique, value, texture, and because watercolor is that versatile medium it lends itself to many fun experiments. Hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing what your style brings to the table or easel.

Use your creativity to paint this window as if you live there...what would you change...would it be on a larger building...or just a portrait of a window. The choice of color is yours but think mid key values. Aesthetics can dress up any structure....have fun..JoBeth

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hats! Hats! and More Hats!

Brenda "Is this hat edible"?

"Who said a 10 minute wait"
Jennifer, Adriana, and Lovella

The Millinery
Fun class!! Hats and more hats all colors and shapes to paint as hat

portraits or attitude hats on figures.

Monday, May 16, 2011

This is how I paint negative


One More Class

"Instructions! What did I write?"

WTWS Spring Show

Way to go ladies and thanks to the Baker Company for furnishing WTW a place to exhibit....

A Canvas Day

Red and turquoise are two of my favorite colors. They make an appearance in most of my paintings. I call these colors gaudy and use them as compliments. From the start of my painting experience color was more attractive than water...'watercolor'. This canvas was painted free hand....after the underpainting was applied using a 1 1/2 brush and saturated color one stroke lead to another and a pot emerged......then a few leaves....why not a fence. I don't began all paintings throwing caution to the wind.....which in West Texas this term is not used lightly....but it is a challenge to draw with a brush thinking shapes.
Try it on paper or any surface well I can think of a few surfaces you might want to stay away from.....like your neighbor's dog. Have a great paint day....JB

Sunday, May 15, 2011

ooooooo..K~ Dorothy click your heels and here we go blogging down the turquoise brick road....this blog will post my painting journal with tips and challenges along with some talented fellow painters.

Welcome to My Watercolor Experiences
Years of teaching and painting with watercolor continues to be a mystery. It has its' own will which keeps me exploring the uniqueness of this medium. The reaction of intense colors as they wash across a sea of white paper is part of the mystery. Colors may remain a single hue or marry making beautiful neutral relationships. I really enjoy the beginning of a new painting because colors are fresh and clean. Then reality creeps in with what shapes and how much information do I want to share with the audience. Watercolor can be strong hard edges giving detail or soft edges with changing shapes to create your idea giving the artist an avenue for many expressions of emotions.With that said....it is hard to say whether I chose watercolor or it chooses me. What ever the case it has been a journey only God could have orchestrated. Never in my colorful dreams would I have stepped out on my own. Hope you will enjoy some of the paintings, tips, and fun from this blog...Jo Beth